Kaimug Thai Restaurants

Authentic modern Thai food freshly prepared in a welcoming ambience – this is KAIMUG.
After Bernd und Nisachon Ungewitter started to cook and sell Thai food in a small van in the outskirts of Munich back in the 90s, they quickly expanded and opened the first restaurant in ‘Die Fünf Höfen’, a prestigious shopping mall in the heart of Munich. Meanwhile they have opened more than 15 restaurants spread all over Germany and are still expanding.

Think big – the newly developed brand identity, including logo, colour scheme, font usage and shop design played an crucial role in this success story.


KAIMUG BOX is a sub-brand for Kaimug-take-away, the franchise concept for small food stalls with Thai food freshly prepared to take home.

The latest enterprise is KAIMUG LOUNGE a sub-brand with focus on food, music and cocktails.


Concept, brand identity, logo design, colour scheme, packaging design, promotional materials, shop design


Kaimug Ltd., Thai Restaurants, DE