Cover design for HE text books

Selection of cover artwork for higher education text books published by Oxford University Press.

Top left to bottom right:

  1. Research Methods for the Biosciences, Debbie Holmes and Peter Holmes, 2016.
    ISBN 9780198728498
  2. Social Research Methods, Alan Bryman, 2015. Best-selling introduction to social research methods for  students and researchers.
    ISBN 9780199689453
  3. Understanding Deviance, David Downes, 2016. A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking.
    ISBN 9780198747345
  4. Issues in Political Theory, Catriona McKinnon, 2014. Introduction to key concepts and texts in political theory.
    ISBN 9780199680436
  5. Selwyn’s Law of Employment, Astra Emir, 2014. Essential source for law students and practising lawyers providing a succinct account of all areas of employment law.
    ISBN 9780199681556